The business was started back in 1895 by a fellow by the name of G.G. Ristey.  Some say he was a pharmacist who developed the concoction for his own soda fountain-others say he was just an entrepreneur with a great idea.  It didn’t take long for it to catch on with the locals and soon the soda was in great demand. 

The formula for spring Grove Pop has remained basically the same since the business was founded.  Flavor concentrates are mixed with pure cane sugar and water to produce a delightfully sweet and refreshing soft drink.

In the early years the soda was bottled in returnable glass bottles.  But by the 1980’s most sodas were bottled in plastic and aluminum cans so people were not accustomed to bringing back the returnable bottles.  Therefore there was an acute shortage of returnable bottles.  Since returnable bottles were cost prohibitive to purchase new the owners at the time purchased the necessary equipment to bottle in non-returnable glass bottles.  It is the same equipment still used today.

Myths & Legends

Myth: If you get a Spring Grove Soda with a wrinkle in the label you will have good luck all day...
Fact: It is more fun to tell people this than to explain that we have a temperamental label machine.  

Myth: Spring Grove Cream Soda has been known to cure cancer...
Fact: It probably doesn't cure cancer, however, we did have a loyal consumer who swore it made her feel better after treatment.

Myth: Spring Grove Lemon Sour cures a hangover...
Fact:  Curing a hangover isn't that easy, but one loyal consumer says it does the trick for him.

Myth:  The secret recipe for the soda pop is in the vault at Fort Knox...
Fact: It maybe should be, but then how would we know how to make it?   

Myth:  Back in the 60's Coca Cola tried to buy the recipe for Spring Grove Soda's Strawberry flavored soft drink for a million dollars and the owners wouldn't sell!
Fact:  It was all a dream...time to wake up JR!

Myth: Every bottle of Spring Grove Soda passes through at least 3 pairs of Norwegian hands in the production/bottling process...
Fact:  Two sets of Norwegian hands and one set of 1/2 Norwegian 1/2 German hands.

Myth:  Guaranteed to reduce wrinkles...
Fact:  One drink will take you back to your childhood and make you feel young again

Why does it say "Thanks Ove" on the 6 pack?  
The truck on the 6 pack baskets is a local truck belonging to the Ove Fossum Jr. family.  Ove was kind enough to let us use a picture of his truck for this purpose.